This is where you tell everyone about your petition. Expand on your homepage blurb and explain any back story, why you're hosting a petition, and what the plan is if you are successful.

A website is a great way to organize support for your petition. With NationBuilder, you collect petition signatures on your website, but also allow people to sign by text message. 

While an about page is important for explaining the intention of your petition, you likely will want to publish an official statement to the media. Use the press release page for this purpose, and link to it from your about page.

Official press release: Petition Demanding Change Launched.

blog can help keep people abreast of developments related to the topic of your petition - and you can allow supporters to submit posts as well.

Be sure to update this page with information about your petition - you can also include subpages to provide information about key staff and volunteers connected to your event.

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Only Labor stands for fair access for all to the jobs of tomorrow. Our FutureSmart program gives every Australian a chance to learn the skills to power the economy.

5.1 million Australian jobs will disappear over the next 20 years thanks to digitisation of the global economy. (PwC STEM Report April 2015)

Stronger science, technology, engineering and maths skills for all Australians mean our kids and workforce will snatch the brand new jobs of the future, right here at home.   

Add your name to show support for Labor’s plan to transition our economy from mines to minds.